MSP 2.5 Creating a New Project Plan

This will be Lesson-02 (Part 2.5) in MS PROJECT 2010 Course and we will learn about:

Creating a New Project Plan

This includes:

1-Blank Project

2-From an Existing Project

3-From Existing Templates

A new Project can be opened as a Blank Project, where every information has to be entered from the beginning. Projects can also be made based on an existing MS Project file if the tasks/ resources are similar or from an excel file which has the task list or some other details. A number of templates are also available on MS Project and we can make a project based on those if our tasks and requirements are similar.

MSP 2.4 Exploring Reports

Microsoft Project Tutorial 2.4 Exploring Reports 

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This includes:
1- Reports
2- Visual Reports
3- Compare Projects

A large number of Reports are available for viewing and printing. These are:

  • Overview Reports :
    Project Summary (main project information – key dates, duration,etc.), Top Level Tasks (Summary task at highest level based on today’s date), Critical Tasks, Milestones and Working Days
  • Current Activity Reports:
    Unstarted tasks, Tasks starting soon, Tasks in Progress, Completed Tasks, Should Have Started Tasks and Slipped Tasks

MSP 2.3 Exploring Views

The third video of Chapter two -MS Project 2010 course- has been released

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MSP2.1 Managing Projects with MS Project

This is Lesson 2.1 of MS Project Tutorial

Managing Your Projects with MSP

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MSP1.3 Archiving Information

This will be Lesson 1.3 in MS PROJECT 2010 Course and we will learn about:

Archiving Information

SUCCESS of a project largely depends on how well the requirements are:
-effectively managed 
Detailed and careful archiving of Information:
-Gives clarity related to all spheres of the project
-Brings uniform understanding and consensus between all stakeholders
-Provides a ready record, based on which the project can be monitored once work begins.
Detailed and careful archiving of Information becomes the base for various planning tools like:
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Cost Planning and Quality Planning

MSP1.2 Understanding the requirements

This is Lesson 1.2 in MS Project tutorial and we will learn:

  • 1.2 Understanding Requirements


The Requirements of a Project define and document all the needs and objectives of the stakeholders. Requirements can be related to:

  • Business
  • Project Management
  • Delivery
  • Technical
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Security, etc.

The main Requirements Collection methods are:

  • Interviews, Focus Group, Facilitated Workshops, Group Creativity Techniques, Group Decision Making Techniques, Questionnaires and Surveys, Prototypes, etc.

Key features of an effectively collected and documented requirement are:

MSP 1.1 Understand Project Management Concepts

Lesson 1.1 in Microsoft Project Tutorial and you will learn to:

Understand Project Management Concepts

Project management

As defined by the Project Management Body of Knowledge,

PROJECT is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.

So, it has a specific

  • Beginning
  • End
  • Duration
  • Objectives
  • Uniqueness

Examples of Projects can be: Constructing a Building, Creating a new product, etc.

Microsoft Project Tutorial

Microsoft Project Tutorial

( MS Project 2010 training )

microsoft project tutorial 2010 logo


Microsoft Project -MSP- is a project management software developed by Microsoft. MSP is designed to help project managers in developing plans, tracking progress, managing the budget, assigning resources to tasks and analyzing workloads . MS Project and MSP server are the cornerstones of the Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management product.

If you are an expert in project management with many years of experience, just started your career or even a student at college, this MSP tutorial will teach you -step by step- all you need to deliver projects professionally using this powerfull application. Furthermore, watching these videos will help you to pass Microsoft MOS 77-178 certification.

construction hand tools


construction hand tools

construction hand tools


A hand tool is a device for performing work on a materialor a physical system using only hands. The hand tools can be manually used employing force, or electrically powered, using electrical current. Virtually every type of tool can be a hand tool and many have also been adapted as power tools, which get their motive power from motors or engines rather than from human mechanical action.

Unified Threat Management comparison - Cyberoam


Cyberoam logo

Unified Threat Management (UTM) is a comprehensive solution that has recently emerged in the network security industry and  has gained widespread currency as a primary network gateway defense solution for organizations.

Here is the full comparison table of Cyberoam UTM ( Unified Thread Management appliancies)


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