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MSP 2.4 Exploring Reports

Microsoft Project Tutorial 2.4 Exploring Reports 

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This includes:
1- Reports
2- Visual Reports
3- Compare Projects

A large number of Reports are available for viewing and printing. These are:

  • Overview Reports :
    Project Summary (main project information – key dates, duration,etc.), Top Level Tasks (Summary task at highest level based on today’s date), Critical Tasks, Milestones and Working Days
  • Current Activity Reports:
    Unstarted tasks, Tasks starting soon, Tasks in Progress, Completed Tasks, Should Have Started Tasks and Slipped Tasks
  • Cost Reports:
    Cashflow, Budget, Overbudget Tasks, Overbudget Resources and Earned Value
  • Assignment Reports:
    Who does what, Who does what when, To- do list,Overallocated resources
  • Workload Reports:
    Task Usage, Resource Usage
  • Custom: Customized reports based on user needs

Visual Reports provide reports in the form of diagrams like graphs, networks, etc. which are compatible with MS Excel or MS Visio.

Projects can also be compared to show differences in two versions of the same project or between two different projects.



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