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First of all to who doesn't know, what is PMP?
PMP Stands for Project Management Professional, it's a certification from PMI (Project Mamagement Institute). PMP is to ensure of the highest professional and ethical standards within the community of practicing Project Management Professionals.



After being a PMP Certified, the certification will expire after three years of earning it.These three years are called certification cycle period. There are two ways to re-certify your self. first way is to re-take the exam after three years which is not an easy tast at all!!. The second option is to adhere to PMI's CCR (Continuing Certfication Requirements). Any PMP certified has to earn 60 PDUs (PDU stands for Professional Development Units) by participating in professional activities concern about development.


Who has to earn the PMI PDUs ? (What is PDU?)

PDU is not just for PMP certification (PMP PDU), it's for all PMI certifications (PgMP, PMI-SP& PMI-RMP). You have to maintain your PMI certification, otherwise it will be taken away.

How to earn PDUs ( credits )?

Luckely, there are several ways (opportunities) to earn the PDUS to maintain any PMI certification. Some of them are very easy to get and even without paying any dollar. Grook network will recommend and advise few ways to get your PDUs without spending alot of money.
Any candidate either will be:

Seminars and face-to-face courses: Are the ideal way to gain the PDUs and to stay up to date with project management best practices

REP courses: (Registered Education Provider). PMI pre-approved the contact hours in fulfillment of certification eligibility requirements and PDUs to fulfill the -CCR- continuing certification requirements for PMI credentials.

E-Learning: PMI is offering Elearning to enhance the candidate understanding of project managemnet practices and being able to apply in the real life (world).

PMI local Chapters: PMI communities (local chapters) are conducting meetings, events, educational sessions and webinars. strogly recommend joining these chapters. you can find them easily from PMI website.

Self study: Any personal studies/researches will be recognized by PMI. Discussions sessions with clients or colleagues will be considered.

Not registered Educational programs: PMI will recognize any relevant educational programs (activities) offered by any organization which is not registered with PMI.

Volunteer: providing professioanl services to any entity outside of your company/employer will give you PDUs. You can check PMI for prject management volunteer opportunities.

Daily job!!: Yes it is true, by doing your daily job and applying project management practices, this will give you PDU credits.

New contents: Creating new contents by writing books and articles will help you to maintain your certification. Hence, we strongly recommend you to participate in Grook network forum to get free PMP PDUs.



  • It is mandatory that any activity is related to project management knowledge areas and their processes as per the latest edition of the related book (e.g. PMBoK for PMP).
  • Creating new contents, volunteer service or working your daily work as project manager will give you upto 45 PDU out of 60 for the CCR.



What is the easiest way to get free (with minimal payment) PDUs ? Grook network tips for getting free PMI PDU:

  • Project manager can clain upto 5PDUs per calendar year by just doing your normal work -as mentioned before-. Hence, you can get 15 PDUs within your three years certification cycle.
  • Self-Directed learning activities. Upto 30 PDUs can be easily claimed using any of the following ways:
    • Learning Project management tools such as MS project and Primavera.
    • Reading books related to project management
    • Listening to podcasts (free online resources can be found)
  • PMI Local chapter. By joining local chapter, you will have the opportunity to attend free -mostly- seminars about project management. Usually each 1 houre = 1 PDU. you can get 8PDUs every year, which mean 24 PDU per CCR.
  • Free webinars, candidates can attend two webinars per year which will give 6 PDUs per CC.


Reference: PMI
Author: Kettaneh
PMI PMP PDU - Version 1.0

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