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Build a house

 Build a house





In this subject (Topic) I will try to explain  construction steps in my country , sure it will include different styles or ideas than the ones usedin other countries so I will put my experience here and I will be happy to listen to your opinions and ideas in your country.


For any project it starts as a:

  • Idea by the owner
  • if it’s a commercial project then a Feasibility study must be done before the project starts
    • Assign a project manager so he/shecan  collect data from the owner
    • Hire a  design office / consultant office :
  • to make initial drawings to get the owner’sapproval and to issue permits ( building permit, demolishing permit ,Fire fighting permit ,storage permit ,security permit , Electrical permit , Plumbing and Mechanical permit and Receive building corners by municipality )
  • Issue Contract Document

-General and Particular Specifications

-Tender Drawings (Structural, Architectural, Electro-mechanical)

- Bill Of Quantities.

 - Addendums and amendments.

  • Bid for the tender to have a contractor :

- Shop Drawings - Schedule

-Execute plan and drawings

  • Start the project.
  • Close out the project


  •  Not necessary to have all steps.
  • Must have( or issue)a contract with every stakeholders in the project to protect your rights. (Better to arrange contract with contracts engineer )
  • prepare a budget, find a building lot(land), Project  plans, estimate the cost to build your project .



Site Preparation


Earth Work




Concrete work

    • Footings
    • Columns necks
    • Filling and compacting upto Ground beams
    • Ground beams
    • Filling and compacting upto Slab on Grade
    • Slab on grade
    • Columns , Elevator wall
    • Staircases: landings, waist & steps
    • Beams.
    • Slabs
    • Up stand , Parapets and Lintels




Waterproofing System



  • Walls
    • Plastering - Paint
    •  Gypsum board – Wood – Wall Paper
  • Flooring
    • Ceramic tiles
    • Mable and Granite
    • Other (Terrazzo – Vinyl – Rise floor )
  • Ceiling
    • Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG)
    • Gypsum board – 60X60 Gypsum board
    • Cornices
  • Exterior Cladding
    • Stone – Sigma – Lime Bricks – Alucobond - Glass
  • Doors
    • Wood - Steel – Aluminum –Glass
    • Main doors
    • Handles - accessories


  • Windows
  • Hand rail and Railing
  • Bathrooms
    • Wash basin – Counters – Accessories
  • Special finishes
    • Swimming pool
    • Wood touches
    • Zellige (Traditional Moroccan glazed tiles)


Conveying system

  • Elevators

Mechanical works

  • Plumbing works
  • Heating, ventilating and air condition


Electrical works




Build a House