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Photoshop Lighting Effect

Photoshop Lighting Effect

Hello everyone,

Photoshop Lighting Effect is a very nice effect which can be made with photoshop . In this tutorial I’m going to talk about Photoshop lighting effect and how to make it in a simple way using Photoshop.


We will make something like this :-



Ok , let’s start J


1-      Open the your photoshop program then make a new file ( You can use any size you want , but in my case , I used ( 800 X 330 PX ) .


2-      Fill the background with any dark color , I used this color #0b0b0b


3-      Change your brush presets to be some thing like that :



4-      Make a new layer , then use the pen tool to make a such line

5-      Right click and select stroke

( make sure to check the “ simulate pressure “ )

You will get something like that :


6-      Now we want to define the shape which we drew as a brush , so type Ctrl and  press on the layer which contains the shape , and you will have is selected ( check the image below )

Now go to Edit menu , then select ( define brush preset )


7-      Draw to make some thing like that using the brush which we have just defined



8-      Now we are very close to make our photoshop lighting effect , go to the Layer settings of our layer , then make some thing like that


9-      The Last step ! :- Make a new layer , then draw some thing like this

Then go to filter , blur , Gaussian blur , then make the radius to 250 , then select ok , after that change the blending mode to ( Color ) and you will get something like this


This is an exclusive tutorial for ( )
In this tutorial , You learnt how to make a Photoshop lighting effect , using a real simple technique , Hope you enjoyed

Author: Ibrahim Kettaneh .