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Primavera 6 ( P6 ) Course : Introduction


Primavera 6 (P6) Course

Primavera 6


From our perspective as team, we would like to share our knowledge with world. We will start a Primavera 6 (P6) Course.

We will use best methods to explain this software using videos as well as text documents in  We will discuss each lesson in forum to share the knowledge.

About Primavera 6 (P6)

Primavera software products are designed to support the project management needs of organizations that manage large numbers of projects at one time. These integrated applications use project portfolio management (PPM) to support the management needs of project teams in different locations and at varying levels of the organization. This chapter provides an overview of PPM, the roles used in PPM, and the basic concepts for planning, managing, and controlling your projects. –Primavera manual-

Why Primavera 6 (P6) ? - Manage large numbers of projects at one time. - Give us detailed overview for projects. - Help us to control and manage projects time. - Help us to control and manage projects Budget. - Help us to manage resources. - Help us to control risks.



Primavera 6 is program, you must enter data, control and manage this program so improve yourself and share others your knowledge. It is very important to have experience in the fields (projects) that you want to manage before using Primavera 6. You must learn each item (Activities) and it’s very important to have the knowledge in the following points:

  • How to perform each activity step by step.
  • Duration of each activity.
  • Organize the Activities, when activity must start and when must finish.
  • Relationships between activities.
  • Cost of each activity.
  • Resources and material of each activity.


Then it will be easy to use primavera 6 ( P6 ) and to deal with it. Better to arrange and plan projects in paper before start in primavera-6.


What is new in primavera 6 :

  • EPS -Enterprise project structure.
  • OBS-Organizational Breakdown Structure.
  • Undo option.
  • Unlimited baselineS.
  • Edit activity ID.
  • Multiple rates for roles and resources.
  • Copy a Project with High Level Resource Assignments.
  • Copying a Project with Baselines
  • Role Limits
  • Reflection Projects
  • Copying a Project with Baselines


Our explanation plan For Primavera 6 (P6)(By Videos) will be as following :

1-General Idea:

2-Building Primavera Data :

3-Building Company Data:

4-Structuring projects:

  • Creating project ( Name ,ID ,Codes ,Calendar ,Unit of measure ,Currency ,Start Date)
  • WBS- Work Breakdown Structure.

5-Structuring Activities :

  • Creating Activities (Duration, Codes, Relationship, Critical Path, Project End Date, Resources, Budget, S-Curve, Histogram)

6-Expenses – Budget – Risks – Issues – Threshold.

7-Baseline – Schedule – Updating – Comparison Baseline with actual performance.

8-Tracking – Claim Digger  - Reports – Filters - Printing.

9-Organization – Formatting The display.

10-General notes – benefit tools.


We will use videos to explain primavera 6 (P6) .The total number of videos is unknown.


References: Primavera 6 Manual