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Lesson-03 (Part 1) in Primavera P6 Course : Portfolios - Enterprise project structure (EPS)

Building Company Data


This will be Third lesson-03 (Part 1) in primavera 6 Course .

and we will learn :

  • Portfolios.
  • EPS -Enterprise project structure.

EPS: The EPS is a structure made of roots and nodes.

Root Element : The highest level element in an enterprise project structure (EPS), organizational breakdown structure (OBS), or a work breakdown structure (WBS).

EPS node: A level above a project in the EPS hierarchy.


o Each root in the EPS can be subdivided into many nodes.

o Nodes represent different levels within your EPS.

For example, nodes can represent divisions within you company, departments, or site locations.

o All projects must be included in the EPS node.

o Each node can contain an unlimited number of projects.

o Projects always represent the lowest level of the


o Placement of a project in the hierarchy determines the

summary level in which it is included.


o View project priorities, scope, and budgets across the


o Manage projects separately while retaining the ability to roll up

and summarize data across multiple projects.

o View cost distribution across projects.

o Assign security at any level of the structure to provide users

with appropriate access to project information.

EPS Examples


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