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MSP1.3 Archiving Information

This will be Lesson 1.3 in MS PROJECT 2010 Course and we will learn about:

Archiving Information

SUCCESS of a project largely depends on how well the requirements are:
-effectively managed 
Detailed and careful archiving of Information:
-Gives clarity related to all spheres of the project
-Brings uniform understanding and consensus between all stakeholders
-Provides a ready record, based on which the project can be monitored once work begins.
Detailed and careful archiving of Information becomes the base for various planning tools like:
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Cost Planning and Quality Planning


The Components 
The basic components of the Information archived for a Project as derived from the Requirements include:
-The Business need / opportunity
-Project Objectives
-Functional requirements
-Non- functional requirements (like safety, security, etc.)
-Quality Requirements
-Acceptance Criteria
-Guiding principles of the Organization
-Constraints, etc
Traceability is being able to link the requirement back to its origin and continue to monitor it through the project lifecycle








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