Behavioral interview questions and answers


Let’s say that in the next few days you have a job interview. Like every normal person would do, you prepare for the interview. You do a lot of research on the company you will have the interview with and you read internet articles about how to do well on a job interview.  That’s great, at least until you stand in front of your interviewer and he or she is asking you to remember a concrete situation from your past and describe how you managed it. This is not what you expected; you weren’t ready for this, what is this?

Well, this is the new type of interview companies are using: behavioral interview

Companies want to see if you have the skills for the job, so they will give certain situations to see if you would act as they want you to. (CONTINUE READING)

Primavera P6 2.2 Toolbars and layout

Primavera P6 2.2: Toolbars and layout in Primavera P6

Primavera p6 logo

This video contains:

  • Tool Bars.
  • Open an existing layout 
  • Customizing Displays Sample Layouts Using Wizards

Primavera P6 1.2 Scheduling concepts


primavera p6

Covered in this video: 

  • The Fundamentals of Scheduling
  • Terminology: Critical Path, Float, Lag, Relationship types, etc. 
  • Understanding the Critical Path Method

vision vs mission

vision vs mission

Companies summarize their goals and objectives in Mission and Vision statements. Both these things serve different purposes for the company but are often confused with each other. While a mission statement describes what the company wants now, the vision statement describes what the company wants to be in the future.

MSP 5.1 Assigning Work Resources to Tasks

Assigning Work Resources to Tasks

MSP 2010

This includes:

1-Entering Resources on Task Information Tab

2-Entering Resources in Detail View

3-Adding Assignment Units


Work Resources entered in the Resource Sheet now need to be assigned to Individual Tasks. Both People and Equipment Resources are entered in the same way. They can either be entered through the Task Information Tab or in the Detail View.

PMP Exam prep

PMP exam prep

PMP Exam prep
Have you a dream of getting a legend title of PMP or project management professional? Have you done the PMP training after another course? If yes and if your ability is itching to have the PMP after the use of your name, then you need to face all the PMP exam prep techniques.
Memorizing Formula:
Now the project management has been based upon the mathematical formulas and equations. So, memorizing the senseless and useless strings of symbols, letters and numbers would show to be a vital exam prep techniques. You can’t get the ideas in to your brain without a nosebleed. Seven plus minus two range of information can be stored in your mind and your brain will work perfectly. If you want to be able to

ITIL Training

ITIL Training – Very Important to Go for a Training Program!

ITIL logo
You know it so well, that the IT industries are flourishing now days. It is not surprising too that your daily life is also depending upon IT just like in your official work,  indoors as well as outdoors works etc. Even it’s also truth that the modern management can’t be run efficiently without the involvement of IT. If you will go for a search, then you can find the demand for IT professionals are always in a high range. But did you know that there is a big truth behind the growing aspect of IT industries. And that truth is the ITIL which in other words known as Information Technology Infrastructure Library. This training program is especially designed to complete all the IT related works swiftly, comfortably as well in the desired time.

MSP 4.7 Documenting Resources

Documenting Resources



For documenting information related to a resource, information can be added in the Notes for a particular resource. All resources with notes are shown marked with an icon on the indicator column. These notes can be formatted and printed also.

Project management methodologies

Project management methodologies

Project management methodologies

Project management methodology is shortly considered as the steps need for you to access successfully a project delivering. This methodology can list the entire activities, tasks and phases required for project’s successful completion. It can describe all activities, tasks and phases conformal and it also can include all the templates which you require. It can also provide the practical examples. In the case of selecting the proper project management methodologies, first you need to define all your requirements. Description about your needed content is also including with this, for instance it can list each project action, activity and phases. It must be generic and industry specific.  It can also consider the process to develop your industry. If the features will further defined by you, then method must contain the way to manage your projects as like as tracking and reporting features and exporting and importing of the information.

Design and construct your Landscape and Enternace



Design and construct your Landscape and Enternace

Landscape Gardening refers to the whole process of creating a garden or outside space, from garden design concepts through to the hard landscaping (the structure of the garden) and soft landscaping (planting), which will bring your garden to life.


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