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Project management methodologies

Project management methodologies

Project management methodologies

Project management methodology is shortly considered as the steps need for you to access successfully a project delivering. This methodology can list the entire activities, tasks and phases required for project’s successful completion. It can describe all activities, tasks and phases conformal and it also can include all the templates which you require. It can also provide the practical examples. In the case of selecting the proper project management methodologies, first you need to define all your requirements. Description about your needed content is also including with this, for instance it can list each project action, activity and phases. It must be generic and industry specific.  It can also consider the process to develop your industry. If the features will further defined by you, then method must contain the way to manage your projects as like as tracking and reporting features and exporting and importing of the information.

You can use another way to review your works. You can say it an exciting documents, templates and methodology. If 80 percent of works you have and there is a little need of tweaking, then why you reinvent wheel. In this case, you may be need formatalized process, documents and templates. If you want to do a little research on the exciting methodologies those are out in the industry or market these can come with a package with all the templates, features and requirements which have already described by you and then these can easily assumed your vital needs.

If your recent methodology and your other methodologies offers according to your need, then you can take the best of both and can customize your existing and own methodologies which can suit better to your need. Although, it consume more tomes but the benefit you can get here will closer to fit your needs. Finally, after accessing all the options and choosing a special project management methodology, the vital action should be taken by you is that, implementing your methodology. Regarding to apply fully to your methodology, you should be ensured that everyone should adopt your methodology. You should offer proper training on the new methodologies and communicate the methodologies to all the stake holders. You should utilize your methodologies in all the projects you have created and be sure to improve your all methodologies continuously. You will be able to choose the proper methodologies and can use them by successfully implementing.

Simple Project Management Methodology is simple approach for managing the projects less than 5 million worth in the budget. There are many project management frameworks & methodologies in the industry and majority of these are very process intensive. Problem with this is when the project manager & project team are well focused on the process they generally lose focus to manage the important tasks for project. In the mean time, what lots of PMO’s fail to realize is this is not the process, which delivers the project, instead, it is a completion of the tasks & keeping team focused. It will not be noticeable if you are completing each step successfully.

I have also witnessed many projects stall & fail, again and again, as project team was very much focused on the discovery, process, and methodology in place of delivery. Thus, what is delivery? This is a standard where all the projects & project managers are been judged. Thus, focusing on the intangibles will, certainly, result in the failure. Thus, do I think all methodologies are bad or wrong? Not at all. I think that anything in the moderation has its own place.

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