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MSP 4.5 Entering Pay Rates

MSP 4.5 Entering Pay Rates


This includes:
1-Entering Resource Pay Rates for People Resources
2-Entering Resource Pay Rates for Equipment Resources
3-Entering Resource Pay Rates for Material Resources

There are different kinds of Rates which can be entered for different types of resources.
Standard Rate: For People and equipment, we can add the hourly/ daily, etc. rates in Standard rate. For Material, we can enter the cost of 1Unit here. This is disabled for Cost Resources as, for those values are directly entered at the task.

Overtime Rate: Similar to standard rate, but defines the cost for overtime work. Only available for work resources
Cost/ Use: This is like a setup fee. Usually applicable for equipments which also have usage based charges.

Accrue at: This refers to when the payment will be done – either at start, end or pro-rated. Pro-rated means based on % of work done.




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