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MSP 4.1 Setting Up People Resources

Setting Up People Resources

in Microsoft Project 2010

ms project 2010

This includes:

1-Different Types of Resources
2-How to enter People Resource Names
3-About Initials and Grouping

MS Project defines three basic types of resources.
Work Resources – include people and equipment. For these, work is calculated in terms of time based units like, hrs, days, weeks, etc.
Material Resources – include materials. These get consumed in the progress of the project.
Cost Resources – These neither have an associated work nor get consumed. E.g., travelling costs, training costs, etc.


For a task like Painting –
Painter is the Work (People) Resource
Paintbrushes and tools are the Work (Equipment) Resource
Paint is the Material Resource
Travel costs for the Painter is the Cost Resource



MS Project tutorial - GROOK Network

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