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MSP 3.5 Linking Tasks

Linking Tasks

MSP 2010

This includes:
1-Relationship between tasks
2-Setting Links

Tasks are linked to each other by any of the following four relationships.
Finish to Start
– means for two tasks A and B, B can start only after A finishes. Eg. Walls can be built only after foundations are over.
Start to Start – means B can start only after A has started. E.g. if task A refers to a friend getting paint and Task B refers to you painting the wall, then you can start painting the wall, once the activity of getting paints has started.

Finish to Finish – means B can finish only after a has finished. E.g. only after procuring of paints is over, can the task of painting the walls be over.
Start to Finish – means B can finish only after A has started. E.g if in a relay race, if Task A is the 2nd racer starting to run and Task B is the 1st racer finishing his race, then it is a start to finish relationship. Start to finish relationships are the most uncommon.


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