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Organic Flower tutorial 3d max tutorial

n this tutorial I will show you how to model a simple organic flower to decorate a table or a room.

We will start with a cylinder. You can use the same parameters as I did, or use different ones. However I would recommend to start with a thin cylinder with plenty of height segments and sides and just one cap segment.

Add an Edit Poly modifier and remove the top cap.

Add a Poly Select modifier, select the top 3 rows of vertices and enable Soft Selection as well to cover the entire object down to the bottom.

Add a Taper modifier for the Z axis and set the Amount to 10.

Select the Center subobject of the Taper modifier and move it down to the bottom of our object so we don't get weird geometry.

Add another Taper modifier, this time on the X axis and choose the maximum amount before the gizmo starts twisting itself.

Add a new Poly Select modifier to cancel the previous vertices selection and then add a Twist modifier to the stack. Set the angle to a high value.

Add a Bend modifier and limit its effect as in the image above.

Next we add a Noise modifier to be able to diversify our flowers. After that add a Shell modifier with small depth to get a shape with two faces.

Finally, throw a TurboSmooth modifier with 2 Iterations and voila, our flower is ready.

Here's my masterpiece. Hopefully this tutorial will help you improve the looks of your 3D rooms as well.


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