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3d max compositing tutorials - course

Compositing course (exclusively on :-

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Introduction :-

Compositing is a method which people usually use in advertisements , you can produce a lot of passes then composite them together.

In this course we will use 3d's max and v-ray render to produce our passes , then we will composite them using adobe after effects .

-What does this course contain ?


-It contains :-

1- About Compositing
2- The model that we will work on + its textures
3- Color Pass
4- Diffuse Pass
5- Reflection Pass
6- Alpha pass
7- Occ (Occlusion)  Pass
8- Compositing using Adobe After Effects

Why compositing ?



Basicly , compositing has many benefits such as :-

1- controlling the colors in your project
2- putting a background behind your scene , in any color you want
3- saving time and effort
4- a lot of benefits that you will know with experience

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Good Luck .., :)