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Project management interview questions

Project management interview questions

Project management interview questions

Being a project manager is not an easy job and having hundreds of qualifications for this job doesn’t necessarily mean that one is a good project manager.  

For this article, we thought to do something different: We’ve talked to some companies that hire project managers and based on the discussions we had, we will try to make a profile of what companies are looking in a project manager and of course as we already accustomed you, we will give examples of project management interview questions. 

Let’s see how a project manager should be: 

  1. Integrity and humility. A project manager should not be proud. He should be integer and a sociable person. 
  2. To think business. In the end, it’s all about money and profit in a company, so he should not forget this. Every project has a business case and there is calculus to be made. 
  3. To be a great communicator. He is the connection between the stakeholders (project team, management team, clients, and suppliers).  He needs to know how to create connections, what to say and when to say, but also he should be a great listener. 
  4. Be a good salesman. He needs to be able to sell ice to the Eskimo.  
  5. Negotiator. This is one of the most highly appreciate qualities. A project manager should be a great negotiator.
  6. To enjoy life. He should show enthusiasm, he should be funny and to enjoy life. 

Project management interview

First thing you should do when preparing for a project management interview is to look at these 6 qualities we’ve mentioned above.  You have to keep in mind that trough what you say; you need to prove that you have these qualities. 

Ones of the most common questions in a project management interview are the following:

  • Tell us about your experience with different projects 
  •  What qualities should a project manager have?
  • What difficulties did you have in your past projects and how did you handle them?
  • Explain a projects’ life cycle
  • What are plan baselines? ( the final version of a plan before the execution begins)
  • What is risk management plan? What is the different between qualitative and quantitative techniques?
  • What does SOW stands for? Statement of work
  • What does WBS stands for? Work breakdown structure is breaking down the entire project into levels that are clearly understood by everyone.
  •  What is a critical path? Is the chain of activities that cannot be delayed or they will delay the whole project. There are some activities that if delayed wont delay the entire project. 

Project management interview questions and answers

We gave short answers to some of the most common project management interview question.

Keep in mind that you must be able to show to the interviewer the 6 qualities we’ve talked about. So, when going to a project management interview smile, be humble, talk confident and smart, negotiate your salary, sell yourself and think business. 


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