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Project Management Definition

Project Management Definition  

Planning & Organizing the Resources of an Organization!

project management

Planning & organizing the resources of an organization to go for a particular task or any duty is known as Project management. It is basically a one time project and the resources which are managed in the project are human as financial capital. In a project management the manager is the only person who describes the objectives as well as the goals of the project. Even the manager also decides when the project will be completed by whom. That’s why the manager always checks out the quality, so that it can meet to a certain standard. Well, for your kind information it is fully a guided process which is fully depends on that person who has taken the burden of the project.

A project manager is a very strong person who never prefers to give in the middle stage. This is so because there are lots of things which are on bet to an abandon ship. The managers of a project are basically very creative in nature and have good amount of experience in their hands. Yet solutions as well as resolutions are to be unique to meet all the challenges.   As a manager in a project you might have faced the situation of handling the problems individually and also control the whole project. In this regard, the chief challenge for you will be to distinguish the roles and clearly outline what’s the project main aim is?  If these things are done properly, then it will very hard for to communicate as well as can face lots of problem related to its value.

If you will go for a search, then you can find there are some readers who suggest that it is only a set of tools which are been used for the completion of a successful project. Its truth that the manager uses different tools to complete their job but managing them is more important. However, to be a good project manager you have to go for a project management exam. So, it’s natural to overcome this exam you have to go for a certain training programs. In this regard, you are suggested to join in a project management training, so that you can achieve your goal as soon as possible. Well, now a day you can avail with lots of project management training program. But you have to choose the best one which should be fully recognized. So, visit the internet and find this program now!


The effective project manager may have

  • Wisdom & experience of selecting the right tool for job based on their perception of risk profile
  • An ability to persuade programme board or else sponsor of relevance of methodology as well as basis of selection
  • Worked with many methodologies experience enabling ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ touch application of the methodology
  • Innate sense of risks & relative salience, it means that the focus is developed & maintained on things that matter
  • Lastly, an ability to dynamically tune methodology to the circumstances without any loss of control (timeline, finance, and quality), as ‘things that matter’ vary

Dynamic tuning actually means applying tool judiciously – some of the projects might need high levels of the stakeholder communication, and others may need to be focused on the technology or performance and the proof of concept, and others might have the political governance issues, immature or new business models. Some of the projects can exhibit these risks and beyond. The balance and list of risks can change significantly during lifecycle of this project. Besides, ongoing Risk review, the CPM needs the ongoing process change and review.

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