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Online reputation management

Online reputation management

Online reputation management

Your reputation precedes you. Who doesn’t want to hear these words? We all want to be popular and to have a great reputation.

When talking about companies’ reputation, this is one of the most important aspects of a business. If a company’s reputation is bad, the sales will drop and if the management team doesn’t do something to change their reputation, bankruptcy is imminent. In the past, reputation was made through mouth-to-mouth, today, reputation is created mostly online.

We will talk about companies’ online reputation management.

The most important aspect of online reputation management is that only the first 30 results really matter. When I say 30 results I mean google searching results. When someone is searching for your company, the first 30 results are important so you need to focus on those 30 results in order to create a positive reputation.

Online reputation management

How can you build a good online reputation?

Building a real good reputation takes a lot of time and effort. The news travels much faster online that in real life. One bad experience with your company will make a person tell seven other persons about that experience in real life, and a positive experience will make a person tell only 1 or two other person about it. Online, things are different; a bad or good experience can be shared on a blog or on a social network and thousands of people can see it.  Only one bad experience can make very much damage and could take months or even years to erase that experience.  

It is very important to offer your clients predictable and identical experience so they now what to expect and in this way they will always give you great reviews.

reputation management

Searching engines

A search engine is very important in building a reputation because if your company doesn’t show up in the search results, you basically don’t exist online.  The statistics show that 49% of the customers will buy a product based on its internet reviews.

Google invented a new instrument that will help you manage the online search of your name. you can find it here:

If you want to build good online reputation you need to initiate conversations on blogs and social media, to be involved in the lives of online communities, to launch videos and materials to promote your company. In other words, you have to be proactive.

A useful tip in building a good online reputation is this: Never argue online, you always have to be polite and solve problems wisely.

Another tip would be to check your online search results every week so if something has come up you are able react.  

Our last tip is to have official press releases as often as possible because it will increase your online rankings.

Reputation is everything for a company, so invest in it wisely, be patient and follow our steps.


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