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Samsung HardDisks Data Recovery Service Providers

Samsung HardDisks Data Recovery Service Providers


Samsung hard disk drive (HDD) products themselves are covered by a limited warranty that is automatically voided if your product is disassembled, altered or tampered with.

Below is a list of data recovery service providers that can open your Samsung HDD product and (if connected through the link below) provide a seal or proof of data recovery that will not void your Samsung HDD limited warranty.

1. CBL Data Recovery
Service area : The Americas .EMEA , APAC

CBL provides data recovery services for failed hard drives in laptops, desktop computers, data servers, RAID arrays, tapes and all other data storage media. Recommended by major manufacturers.

CBL’s hard drive recovery services are ‘warranty-safe’ and backed by ‘No Data, No Charge Guarantee’.

2. Ontrack Data Recovery
Service area : The Americas .EMEA , APAC

Ontrack Data Recovery, the world leader in data recovery services. Call 1-800-872-2599 (US & Canada).

3. Recovery Labs
Service area : The Americas .EMEA

With + 3,000 new SATISFIED CUSTOMERS every year, Recovery Labs provides you with DEMONSTRATED SUCCESS RATES of over 90%, on top of FREE LISTING REPORTS.

Service area : United state , Malaysia , Japan

A company working for happiness of out customers and a company working condition rather than excellence data recovery company.

5. DriveSavers
Service area : The Americas .EMEA , APAC

Since 1999, DriveSavers has provided Samsung customers with the only Certified Secure data recovery service and fast, reliable, and technically advanced services available in the industry today.

source: hddoctor