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Hotel Management

Hotel Management

Hotel Management

Tourism has become one of the major industries all around the world. It is an explosively growing branch. In order to be able to cope with the new challenges and demands someone thought that it would be more than welcomed a place where those who are interested in tourism and management to be able to learn in a short time how to make people who travel a lot to fell most welcomed, to learn about hotel management. Hotels accommodate all around the world thousands of people who are away from their homes and are looking for something similar even if they are “on the road”.

Tourism became so complex and demanding that it started to cover not only hotels, motels, motels, lodges, cottages, camps, casinos, etc. But also here are included services like transport, catering, restaurants, gift shops, spa, etc. All this web of services has to be controlled and directed towards serving the clients. That’s why hotel management and even more than that have to be taught and learnt. 

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For some passionate people regarding hotel administration managing a hotel or a chain of hotels became an art, a lifestyle, an obsession. Managing a hotel is no walk in a park at all. 

Accommodation includes services like:

  • Front office – the place where is made: 
    • $ - the booking
    • $ - advertisement 
    • $ - keys management
    • $ - cashing the bills
    • $ - collaborating with other compartments
  • Housekeeping – implies cleaning, sanitizing the rooms, etc.
  • Technical sector – keeps everything running (furniture, plumbing, heating, 
  • Security – very important to make the customers feel secure and safe. Security personnel are crucial in a hotel. 
  • Marketing implies:
  • Market prospecting 
  • Knowing the customers, their mentality, behavior.
  • Elaborating a managerial plan 
  • Organizing promotional activities, discounts.
  • Negotiating and closing deals.
  • The accounting sector.

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Hotel management also implies being hospitable, offering good and healthy food presented in a desirable way which to combine a fabulous taste of the food and an eye catching view of the dish in the restaurant. One of the important parts in the overall scheme of managing a hotel is the HR i.e. human resources department. This department has a decisive contribution in offering a high quality service of the hotel to the increasingly demanding clients. That’s why having sufficient and of a good quality personnel is vital for the hotel manager.

A medium four star hotel **** includes a General Manager, an Assistant General Manager, a Director of Finances, Director of Food and Beverage, a Director of Front Office, an Executive Housekeeper, a Maître D’Hotel, an Executive Chef, a Director of Human Resources, a Director of Security, an Information Technology Manager, a Director of Events and Catering, a Director of Sales and Marketing and a good deal of dedicated men and women ready to make the stay confortable and pleasant for everyone. 

Anyone who is interested in working long shifts, starting with the General Manager, late hours, long weekends, and holidays due to 24 hours operation of a hotel are more that welcomed to join the party. 

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