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Document management system

What is Document management system?

Document management system

Nowadays organizing and archiving documents is essential for companies. Document management system is a complex software system used to track and archive documents.

Document management implies technologies and methods organizations use to create, handle, store, transmit, and when they expire, discard them. It offers control over documents’ life cycle. Document management system deals with a very important process in any organization’s activity, because creating documents exists in every aspect of an organization or business.

Document management system provides:

  • Tracing documents
  • Centralized storage of all important electronic documents of an organization
  • Backup for all documents
  • Supervising, controlling, and monitoring documents’ workflows  within an organization
  • Electronic documents archiving

Electronic Document management system

Why spend money on a system like this? What does it do for the company? What do we have to gain from such a program?

We will show you some of the best benefices document management system can bring into a company.

  • Increase productivity. With a web browser and a client-server access, the essential business information is available in a second for the whole organization.
  • Reduction of the global costs. Using the electronic storage capability of the data the classic paper documents and archiving them into physical files disappears.
  • Instant access to any kind of information
  • Administer all the information. All the files and data are kept into a central main file.
  • Modern business processes. The documents can be modified and used in complex business with the smallest amount of time and error free.
  • Rapid information access. The data bases are linked so that the client can trace the information in only a few seconds.
  • Clear data visualization. The documents are clarified and scanned so the dates will be precise.
  • There are regulations that make the entire job legal and without any security problems.
  • The modern documents can also contain multimedia information, graphics, audio and video clips

The elements of a document management system:

  1. Metadata

There is metadata for every document.

Examples: the date when the document was created, the author of the document.

We have general metadata and specific metadata.

  1. Data Integration

Example of software systems that integrates data into DMS: Office, ERP, CRM, etc.

  1. Data scanning

The physical data is scanned and some programs like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) are used in this process.

  1. Indexation

Every document is given a number and some attributes so they can be find easily.

  1. Data Storage

DMS stores data in two ways:

  • BLOB file: stores data in data bases.
  • File server: stores data in a file server


  1. Finding data programs


  1. Data security

The safety of the documents is vital for many companies so this is a very important process.

  1. Workflows

This was an introduction to data management systems. For more information please contact us.


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